Sunday, October 10, 2010

i wish you a happy 10/10/10

just had to post.. haven't posted in FOREVERRRR..


HAPPY 10/10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o hahahahahahaha.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

hmmm. what to post.... what to post.

ummmm, I don't know what to post..

maybe I should post my creepy story...

or something else...

creepy story or something else?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

THIS IS AN ESSAY ABOUT WHY FLYING PICKLES ARE AWESOME. you must read it. yes, this IS a long title. why are you still reading the title? read the post! JEEZ, come on already! I'm waiting...

(to get you in the school mode, I decided to do a essay about why flying pickles are SUPER awesome)


I am going to tell you why I think flying pickles are awesome. They are really cool winged pickles that FLY, they live in pickle jars, and so on. They are really cool guys, but if you are in Flying Pickle world you shouldn't come up to them because they are very wild and might kill you. Which isn't very nice. Here it IS!

First off, flying pickles are awesome because they can fly. Which I think is pretty awesome, yes? Their wings are like angel wings usually,  sometimes they are different but a lot of the time they have angel wings. They can fly pretty high, but they have to be careful because they might run into a flying fudgesicle, and the flying fudgesicles are their enemies. That is the first reason.

Second, they live in jars. Of course, this isn't out of the ordinary. But what happened is that after they attacked the village and took over, the jars grew. The flying pickles stayed in the jars they came out of, and the groups that were in the jars became families, and so on. That is the second reason to why flying pickles are awesome. 

Third, the flying pickles have enemies. But their enemies are really cool and have wings like flying pickles to... EXCEPT, their wings drip melted chocolate, so they can't go as high as pickles, but they can go a reasonable distance. What they live in is unknown, but I will look into that. We have heard rumors of gum ball igloos etc. 

Fourth, they are PICKLES. And they are really cool. And supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.So, that is all.

Yes, sadly that is the end of the essay. Hope you enjoyed it and liked it and such.

(If you want to learn more about how the flying pickle came to be, I will post the story here and also you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and see it.)

a nearby worker of the pickle factory went the old lady's house and stole one of her most valued items, laughing at the cleverness of himself, knowing that the old lady was to slow. he ran to the house at the very end of town, were very rich people lived, and they took the item and gave him a big bag of money, which he brought to the village and shared with everyone except the old lady. and even if he told about him stealing the old lady's thing, the people where to overwhelmed with money to even care. the old lady was furious of this, because she couldn't catch him, because, as the worker had thought and was right about, she was to slow. but she knew that he worked at the local pickle factory, and set of on her straw broom to do a duty to make things, very even. yes, she was a witch, a very powerful witch. she went to the room of jars and place magical dust into the pickle juice in the jars, but she gave all her power into the pickle juice, so when she was down there was nothing left but a hollow body that turned into dust and swept away, across the earth.

the next day the workers all headed to the pickle factory, placing pickles into the jars full of pickle juice. they were so ignorant that they didn't even see the pickle juice sparkling. but the one worker who had stolen from the witch noticed the pickles jars start to move. well, the pickles start to move. they sprouted wings and pushed the lids off and knocked all the workers unconscious and then threw the bodies of the workers into a nearby town. the same happened to the rest of the town. the flying pickles had knocked everyone so hard that when the people woke up, they had no idea who they were or where they were or anything. the flying pickles built their own world, full of jar homes. they named it flying pickle world, and in the last family of flying pickles that the witch had given the rest of her magic to had their daughter named Bettina, after the witch who had created them.

so before you steal something, think twice.

Monday, August 30, 2010

pickles.... old and new.

the good pickley times. :D

sooo..... pickles.


so... new stuff:





that's it for today folks. have a good pickle day.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


we went on the monte cristo hike.

eight miles round trip. :D


prettyful pictures...... yes? :D

and, of course I still wanna see the movie.....

ha ha ha.... good pic, right?

well..... might post later... ba bye for now. :D

Friday, August 27, 2010

a "i have been talking about flying pickles to much and should update you on my real life" post. or, a "update" post.



what's your favorite expression outta' the six???? :DDD ?




i am STILL obsessing over the scott pilgrim movie... we have the soundtrack for it and 
my mom ordered from barnes and noble in southcenter the first two comic books for me...
hope they come soon.
also, i REALLY want to see it again..
it's like... a hypnotizing movie and i can't stop thinking about it...
mmm. hope my books come SOON.

speaking of books...

mm... so good so far... i'm currently at pg. 255.


(a.k.a. the book is really good and great and stuff so far)

this is blurred, but i thought for some reason that is a really cool pic. by the
way, that is MY beautiful eye...

ha ha ha. :P

OH, guess whatttt???

yes, i'm teaching my mom.....


cool, RIGHT?



like my socks today?

they come off during the night, and i had like two pairs in my blanket.... (well maybe one random sock and then a pair) and i found these two and put them on... FABULOUS... yes?


i drew some pickles: (yes, i lied... i am talking a little about pickles in this post.)

yes, the coloring isn't perfect but i was messing around and sketching. :D

mwa ha ha ha....

tuxedo dude. :D

and last but not least for the pickles....

his title (i couldn't fit it with the picture) is:

some random chubby pickle who drinks coca cola.


my mom or dad found this pair of glasses on a hike...

cool... huh?

alright... next:



huzzah. :D


birthday cards.

all of them:

mmm hm.

my favorite:



another card:


now the pets:


so darn cute.

he loves his spinach leaves... that's for darn sure. :)


caught him with his eyes closed.. :)

(all pictures were token on my iphone) :DDDD

Thursday, August 26, 2010


scott pilgrim =

super funny
super good
super awesome
super entertaining

altogether= my favorite movie now.


i totally wanna see it again.

good soundtrack too!!!!!



i'm getting the first comic book today!!!


dude... totally going to get on d.v.d.


p.s. ramona flowers is awesome.

p.s.s. scott pilgrim to!!!